Isaiah 6:8 says, “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying: ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said: ‘Here am I, send me.’”

Ever since Meghan Ballock gave her life to Jesus, this verse of obedience has held special meaning in her life.

Through the outreach in Greek houses that Resonate Church is doing, called the Alpha course, Meghan has had many opportunities to engage in spiritual conversations with several of her sisters in her sorority, Delta Gamma.

“It’s crazy because three of the girls that came with me to the Alpha launch party had previously ranked their interest in spiritual things as zero,” Meghan said. She also explained that the day of the party, she had been wandering around the house, asking girls in every room if they were interested in going, but after much denial, she was just going to head over when three freshmen ran up excited about the free food.

“There was a huge interest at the party, followed by a sudden apathy after,” Meghan said. Since she has been back from her Resonate spring break trip to San Francisco, some of the freshmen and even a few upperclassmen have been reaching out to her because of how boldly she lives for God. One of the girls she recently met with confessed at a coffee date that she wanted to spend eternity with Meghan, practically moving her to tears.

Meghan’s obedience flows out of love for her Creator and a desire to be a part of His perfect will. Meghan was quick to humbly mention that it was not until this year when she completely surrendered her life to God and was baptized that she really felt God’s presence moving in her life.

Coming from a Catholic background, Meghan’s faith was always dripping with the best intentions, checking off the box every week for church attendance, and making her parents happy.

“I was living to impress a God that I knew was there, but I thought that He was judging me.”

This feeling lasted until her sophomore year of high school. That year, she was introduced to a new thought: a relationship with God, not one filled with obligations or to-do lists.

“I thought it was a crazy idea, but I wasn’t willing to be different than what I was raised to be. I never really acknowledged it, but instead I just kept going through the motions.”

But ever since that moment, Meghan says that God tugged constantly at her heart and the intriguing thought of a relationship with Him never left her. Even once she began attending the University of Idaho, her life of faith mostly continued along the same path.

“I came to college, and came to Resonate all last year, but I was still just doing the good Christian thing.”

It wasn’t until the following summer when she went to El Salvador with her sister that things changed for Meghan. “It was the first time I truly got to see God’s grace and His glory in such a dark place.”

After that trip, Meghan’s sister was becoming continually stronger in her own faith, and was always encouraging Meghan to dig deeper. When Meghan went home for Thanksgiving, her sister was right there with her, encouraging her to make the leap.

While she was home she read a book by Perry Nobel that talked about how normal people play it safe, but weird people risk it all for what they believe.

“Hearing him talk about God’s love, I was totally humbled. Who wants to be weird? But suddenly I wanted to be weird.”

The truth that God sent down his only Son to be the atonement for our sin so that His people could live in peace and in eternity with Him struck Meghan in an entirely new way that day.

“I realized that I want to be someone who has purpose in this life, that doesn’t just worry about money or the future. I was dealing with a lot of that though, with fear and not knowing what was to come and not putting my hope in Jesus but relying on myself and thinking I could do everything on my own.”

But then it just clicked, Meghan said. She finally gave her heart fully to the beautiful story that God prepared for her.

“I want to live for something that is bigger than me, and if Jesus came down and died for me, why can’t I die for him? All of my worldly desires and pleasures - I know that it's not worth it in the end. I’ve decided to fully give my life to Jesus for the rest of my life, because I know there’s no better way."