Summer: a time of tanning in the warm sand, a time of catching those waves, right? No, not for me.  My Summer: a time of sweating in the Resonate offices as you learn about the beauty of worship, a time of handing out fliers to incoming freshmen. A time surrounded by the rolling hills of the Palouse instead of a strip of beach. A time of escaping the heat inside Moscow coffee shops reading the Word with soon to be brothers. A time of heart seeking. A time of making friends with people you never thought would be your friends. A time never forgotten, even if it was just in plain old Pullman.

Frequently, I heard the same old saying: “I can’t wait to get out of Pullman this summer!” This was a saying that bothered me growing up, but that was mostly because of jealousy. Now, it bothers me in a different way. It’s because they have no idea what they’re missing. WSU students have no idea how unforgettable a summertime in Pullman can be. This past year, I had a summer that changed my life, and it wasn’t in East Asia or on the beaches of San Diego. It was in my backyard, in my streets, in my hometown. A summer that would have been full of lounging on my couch when I wasn’t working, was instead a summer full of learning and growing. A summer full of understanding and loving God more.

This was the year Project Summer started, and no one knew what it would look like. Although Project Summer was looking like it was going to be a mystery to everyone, no one was afraid to get on board. God was commanding a summer project here in the Palouse. A command I am so thankful was made. I went into Project Summer knowing a maybe handful of people, if that. I came out with a family. I learned a lot about myself. I learned what it meant to lead, to be someone who loved everyone. I learned to be vulnerable, to let people in. I had never been vulnerable, never let people see how broken I really am. I was always too ashamed to do so, but the men who discipled me, that held me accountable, the men around me this last summer really showed me what it really looks like to be loved, flaws and all.

Hebrews 13:7 says, “Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.”

The men in my life showed me how to be more like Christ this summer. They helped me see that God is worth it all.

Sure, my summer was not in the mountains of Thailand, or in the shacks of Tijuana. My summer was spent jumping into the Snake River; it was spent learning what it meant to be a leader in the basement of a house owned by college students. It was spent being pushed by people I have grown to love so much more than myself. It was spent in Pullman, Washington, a place that seems so mundane, people would never think God can move there when WSU isn’t in session.

God can move no matter where you are. Don’t spend your summer thinking God can’t move in and around you just because you aren’t somewhere unfamiliar or spectacular. Don’t think you can’t grow. God wants you to spread His glory, no matter where you are.

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