Sarah Brady had never been to a church service in her life. Little did she know that Laura had been praying for her before they had even ever met.

“Coming to college, I knew I would probably have a roommate who wasn’t a Christian,” Laura remembers. “I prayed like crazy before coming to the University of Idaho that God would touch her heart and that she would be listening.”

When she arrived at the college, Laura’s prayers were answered. Her roommate Sarah said she’d love to go with her to Resonate Church.

“I thought that to understand her better, I should try it at least once,” Sarah said.

But once turned into many times, and after each service Sarah would be bursting with questions – questions about God, Village, and church. Laura remained faithful in her prayers, asking the Lord to open Sarah’s heart and draw her back to Resonate again and again.

Sarah had been worried about what college life would look like for her. The party scene began to call to her as soon as she got to school. She was haunted by some poor decisions she had made at the beginning of the year, and didn’t know where to turn.

But when Sarah heard the truth of God’s word at church, those fears began to be washed away.

“At the first service, I could feel something warming me and lifting a weight off my shoulders,” Sarah recalls. “I started to reflect on my past and to realize that He has always been there for me, I just hadn’t been paying attention.” 

Sarah started to pray for the Lord to reveal Himself to her, to give her a sign that He was real, to help her to do the right things. Repeatedly, she experienced His presence in such a way that He seemed to be saying, “I am here, I will help you.”

Laura and Sarah began to attend a Freshman Village together, where Sarah’s life continued to be transformed by what she heard. She would constantly ask Laura and Cassie, their Village leader, questions about what it means to know and love the Lord.

“She fit in so perfectly and I could see her growing and changing,” Laura said. “She is becoming such a totally different person than when we met. I can see God working in her heart so clearly.”

What really moved Sarah to embrace Village and community was the way she saw Laura’s friends gather around her as she was experiencing some difficult things in her personal life, both spiritually and emotionally.

“I had never seen community like that,” Sarah said. “Ultimately, I knew that’s what I wanted.”

Sarah knew that she wanted to give her life to the Lord, and she knew that she wanted Laura to be there when it happened. So on October 21st, 2012, about eight girls from their Village and their dorm gathered around Sarah, praying with and for her as she asked God to be the Lord of her life.

Laura has found great joy in being a part of Sarah’s story. “It is such a blessing to see God’s work literally playing out in my life, and to see it affecting someone so close to me.”

Sarah is still learning what it looks like to follow Christ, but she knows that He will always be her guide.

“No matter what, I know I am loved by Him and I am starting to see that is all I need.”