I grew up in a Christian home just outside of Seattle where my love for coffee, vast green landscapes, and decadent pastries was cultivated. I attended church every Sunday, VBS camps, and all the retreats my congregation had to offer. After graduating from high school, I put my faith on the back burner. I was convinced that God was not necessary to have the “awesome college experience" that I thought I had always wanted.

Fast forward four years and three universities later - you find me here at Central Washington University. After trying to establish my identity and discover my place in life time and time again, I found myself in an endless downward spiral of mistakes, brokenness, and dissatisfaction… until I met Jesus.  

Being on staff with Resonate Church is something that I never dreamed I would aspire to do! God used Resonate as a vessel to show me how real and monumental His Son really is. The second I relinquished control over my life to God, He unveiled the bigger picture that He was illustrating. He planted a seed that ignited a passion for church planting and missions. Only through the grace of God, and friends who are now more like family, was I able to find my purpose in life.

One year into being on staff, I find myself having been pushed far beyond my limits, but our faithful God has used these instances to further confirm my calling. I am now preparing to plant a new church at a university in Oregon in 2017! I desire to share with students who are much like myself that there is a God who is willing to sacrifice everything, including His own son, for them to know Him.

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