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I grew up in a Christian home under the mentoring of a dedicated Christian mom and a culturally Christian dad. Life seemed to be going well until around age 12. Parental arguments grew in consistency and my dad became more and more aggressive as a man. It came to a head and ultimately led to my mom, my brother, and myself leaving my dad. We moved a short distance away and closed out all communication with him. I didn't speak to him, see him, or have any interaction with him for over a full year. Even after that first year, I didn't have any desire to interact with him until things at home with mom got worse. Eventually, when I was around the age of 16, I called the dad I hadn’t engaged with for over 4 years and asked if I could move in. He said yes. I believe this was one of the biggest life gates in my life.

As I moved back in with my dad, my eyes were opened to the power that the Gospel had to change people. I hardly even recognized the man that I moved in with. He was much more gentle and loving. He cared for me a considerable amount better than he had ever done in the past. Come to find out, He had truly been redeemed shortly after my mom, brother, and I had all left. When I moved back in, I got to see radical life change due to a relationship with the Lord. I had grown up learning about who God was and what it meant to walk with Him, but none of it ever really hit home. Now it did. Through the Lord's work in my dad’s heart and life I saw what scripture meant when it was talking about becoming a new creation. Through my dad’s example, my entire perspective was changed. That sparked a walk of learning, growing, iron sharpening iron, and so on for the next three years until I went to college.

As I went off to college, I had a lot of encouragement from my pastor back home to quickly get involved, since many young men walk away from the faith when they go off into the secular world. I got integrated into Resonate the spring semester of my freshman year. Initially, the style of service that Resonate does did not meet with what I thought I needed. I church-hopped for a while but the Lord brought me back to Resonate because of their all-out drive toward community, doing life-on-life, and things of that nature. From my family history, depth and consistency were things that I always desired and still seek after to this day. As I got more and more invested in Resonate, I started growing in my understanding and responsibility.

I got married my junior year of college and that brought another wave of clear failure and deep change into my life. I grew in love and gentleness over the next few years, and then babies started coming. Again, more growth and awareness of my selfishness. Now Nicole and I have been married for over 5 years and we have 2 kiddos: Sawyer, who is 3, and Everett, who is 1.

I wanted to work for Resonate because I saw a radical posturing toward bringing the most glory to God in all we do. This was a question that I had been asking myself for quite some time, and I saw that the Lord was leading me toward more intentional leadership in Resonate to posture our family’s life toward young families and college students. Also, from being in the business realm for over 4 years as a manufacturing and mechanical engineer, I felt that I had some skills and a concept of professionalism that could be useful within the growing body of Resonate. I wanted to be able to take what I had been being built up in in the workplace and utilize it for the kingdom outside of pure evangelism and relationship building at work.

I'm so overjoyed to be on staff and to have the honor of working alongside some of the best strategizers and missionally-oriented people I know. I’m so hopeful with Resonate, that families will be met with the good news that Christ swapped places with us so we could experience an eternity with Him and that they would respond in repentance to that revelation. I’m hopeful that we would be able to plant a few more sites in the Boise valley. I’m also hopeful, and begging Him daily, to use me to bring glory to His name. I’m on staff as a Family Multiplier and look forward to the things the Lord does to me and through me.

Myers Briggs: ESTJ-A

Top 5 Strengths: Communication, Activator, Command, Focus, Relator

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