"If God does not raise up inspired leaders who can guide people into worship with authority and compassion, then the experience of worship will be nearly impossible.  This is the reason for the leadership gifts of the Spirit." -Richard Foster 

Worship leaders who are called out by God must not be shy about their leadership.  People need to be led into the presence of God, from outer courts, to inner courts, and finally into the Holy of Holies.  God anoints leaders to bring people through this progression into worship.  

It took me 4 years to get comfortable with the title Worship Pastor.  Just last week I told someone, “I’m a Worship Pastor in a church,” and it felt weird.  I pretended there was something in my eye while I said it.  But it’s true, it’s what I do, who I am in some small way, and like some of you, I’ve been gifted according to Ephesians 4 to do so, and do so to the best of my human musical and vocal and spiritual and leadership ability.  

For today // 

I simply wanted to say to those who find themselves every week behind a guitar or keyboard and a microphone: Be confident in God’s grace in your gifting.  It’s a gift.  Bear it well.  With humility and compassion and authority and truth, bear the gift of standing before your people and leading in song well.  Lead.  It’s what has been asked of you.  Don’t retreat or settle for the same old thing week after week.  

Worship Leaders, you’re not just asked to provide the “fun fast songs before the meat of the service.” You are, as Bob Kauflin says, “putting the truth of the Gospel on people’s tongues, and praying it makes its way into their hearts.” 

Put the Gospel on their lips with great taste, with great pitch, harmony, and creativity, but above all, with a life that lives up to the songs, and sing songs that live up to the One we’re singing to: Jesus, who in being worshiped is also being the worship leader behind and in front of you, leading you as you lead.