There are few things more humbling than presenting your art, making yourself vulnerable and exposing your work to those more experienced and talented than yourself. The Resonate songwriting team gathers for two hours every week to create, share, critique, and refine our art. Our mission is to push forward the gospel for the sake of the church, but it’s also a sanctifying process for each of us. For the sake of our mission, we must humble ourselves, set aside our insecurities, and work together to create excellent music. 

The psalms tell us to sing a new song to the Lord, and to do so skillfully. 

The ability to put heart-piercing truth into simple and singable words in a skillful way takes practice. The ability to write a compelling and memorable melody takes practice. The ability to accept a critique takes practice. It’s our agreement that in order to create great art that will affect the hearts of the Christ followers we seek to serve, we have to leave our pride at the door. 

We are sanctified as we get knocked down, learning that what we think is best may not always be the best for our church. It can be a challenge not to take things personally, even (and especially) from people you respect, people who are for your good and the good of the church. In order to create a healthy culture of honest evaluation and helpful feedback, there must be trust. You have to know that what others think of your art does not reflect what they think of your character. You have to be willing to take a risk, leaving yourself open to the option of failure so that you may grow. 

The standard of excellence, however, should never waver. While nothing we can do could ever earn God’s grace or affection, the presence of a perfect Creator should push us to create perfectly, playing a small part in the redemption and restoration of the world, even through our songs. Our mighty God deserves our best, and far beyond our best. He deserves better than what we can offer Him, and yet He lovingly accepts our worship, glorified by hearts that are turned toward Him.  

Great art stirs the soul. Poetry affects the heart, and music impacts our emotions. 

That is the beauty of song. Captivating truth combined with outstanding musical structure is one of the most powerful tools in our belts. We long to use it for the glory of God and the movement of His gospel among our people. We want words of grace and truth to be stuck in your heads, so they move to your hearts. God is the Father of creation, the Maker of all things on earth and in heaven, and He loves music. He delights to hear us sing. So let us sing joyfully and with skill.