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I grew up in a Godly home my whole life and learned who Jesus was through my parents. I spent my entire upbringing in what seemed like a perfect and polished mega church. I knew a lot about Jesus, but didn't know him personally. It wasn't until I came to college at the University of Idaho in 2010 where I truly understood the Gospel--that I'm more sinful than I could ever imagine, but more loved in Christ than I could ever dare hope.

All throughout college it felt like God was pushing me towards a life of risk and ministry. That led me to graduate in 2014 and move to help start our very first site outside of the Palouse in Ellensburg, WA. I joined Resonate's staff and experienced first hand pioneering a thriving church on the campus of Central Washington University with my best friends.

It was in Ellensburg where I re-met my now wife, Jessi. We had grown up together, but God crossed our paths again in Ellensburg. It soon came Ellensburg's time to plant and I was up!

In June 2017 I married my best friend and we, along with 18 others, packed up our lives and moved to Monmouth, Oregon to plant a church on the campus of Western Oregon University. I serve as the site pastor here in Monmouth and it's been incredible to see God move here. Jessi and I like to surf, drink coffee, and hang out with our cat, Bloo. Come visit us!

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