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In high school, the word “Resonate” only triggered two things for me: a word that I didn’t care to be in my vocabulary, and some new college church thing that my sister was a part of at WSU -- neither of which struck much interest to me. My sister was a part of the very beginning of Resonate, and I remember hearing about it from her. At the time, I was a young punk with bleached blonde hair and was more concerned about which girl I wanted to date and how I was going to be the greatest wide receiver on the football team.

Of course, this isn’t where my story begins, but in retrospect, it was a crucial time in my life. 

For me growing up, church was life. My parents and three older siblings were all strong believers. I grew up in a great bible-believing mega church in the northwest with an awesome youth group. All of my best friends were always my church friends. Basically, I couldn’t have had a better set up to live that “Hardcore Christian” life that my bible bag had stitched on it. Like many stories, my sin was summed up in that I had the lack of faith to believe that God’s way was the best way.

This led to finding my acceptance in what people thought of me and how I could perform. My life was utterly contingent upon these two things. Ultimately, I knew these things didn’t satisfy and God graciously saved me from my sin, but not the consequences.

Through learning about the implications of the gospel, that God loves me despite my sin, I flourished when all of the head knowledge of the gospel finally sunk down into my heart.

Through college God called me to full time ministry. I am now here in Ellensburg with my best friends giving my life to find the younger version of myself and lead that guy to Christ. It’s interesting how God gives you a passion and desire to pursue lost people who remind you of yourself when you were lost and didn’t know Jesus. It’s like God planned it that way.

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