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Growing up, Jesus was just a person I paid my respect and attentions to on a Sunday. My parents raised me to know Christ, but all I saw was a demand to attend a building on a Sunday. Essentially Jesus was just a program for me, and He was here just to teach me a set of moral values. Jesus was not Lord of my life, and He was just a Savior I could conveniently come to when I decided I wanted Him. I would say I was a Christian because I went to church and because my family went to church, but my heart put its hopes in other places. As I grew up, I began to seek to find my purpose and identity in being accepted by others. It failed me over and over again, because I could not find the acceptance and love I was looking for in people.

In college everything changed. As I went to college, I began to tell myself I would do what I wanted and that I would not go back to church. Now that my parents were gone, I could be who I really was, and chase after what I really wanted. All my hopes and dreams were set on a career and friendships. This vicious cycle of proving myself worthy of a career and friends left my soul thirsty and empty.   

I found myself doing the one thing I said I would not do. I went to a gathering service at Resonate Church with my friend who was going through something similar to me. I remember the love I received from people; I did not know them but they wanted to know me. It attracted me, and I found myself wanting to be around these people. I eventually heard the Gospel at a village, and everything changed. The love I saw through people, and the desire to be known and accepted was found in God through Jesus Christ. Jesus had come to save me from myself by bearing the burden of my brokenness and rebellion, so that I could be in relationship with Him. I didn’t have to prove to Him I was worthy of it; I didn’t have to deserve it. It was out of pure grace and mercy that He did it, and that was the most freeing thing for me.

Since following Jesus, God has redirected my life in many ways. Not only has He been changing me to be more like Him daily, but He has been redirecting my life. With every choice I’ve had to make about my future, I have found God continually rerouting it to tell college students about the saving work of Jesus. My hope for Resonate is that it would be a church that mirrors God’s heart towards people through its actions and words.

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