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Community and Jesus were both completely unknown to me as I grew up. My family didn’t own a bible or go to church. Simply put, God was a topic that was never talked about. I was lost and angry at the world for the brokenness of my family, and I quickly became addictive and violent. I believed everything was about image - on the outside I was a kid who looked ok but inside was a darkness I carried throughout my life and into college.

By the luck of the draw I barely made it into college, a place where I believed I would find endless opportunity for growth and making money. But my sophomore year stopped me in my tracks and completely wrecked me. A family in destruction, a father in jail, and an anxiety disorder forced me to look towards people for help. Brought to my knees, I turned towards people who told me about a man named Jesus, a man who is very real, a man that wants all your problems simply because He loves you no matter how bad you think your sin is. That’s when I learned about grace. Jesus simply wants you to die to yourself and follow Him, and in return He promises life to the fullest. 

After hearing this gospel, Jesus was no longer stranger but Savior.

As I began serving at Resonate, the topic of staff was coming up more and more in conversations. At first, I was positive it would never happen. Fast forward to today: I never would have guessed I would be on staff with Resonate, exploring church planting and focusing on athletes. He’s got a funny way of making Himself known; I now know He’s got a crazy adventure planned for my life, and I’m called to follow Him anywhere. I’m excited to share how He turned my world upside down in the best way possible.

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