We believe that the summers of your college experience can be some of the most influential times of your life and can help you grow as a leader and follower of Jesus. We want to help point you toward the project that will be the best fit for who you are at this point in your life.

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If you have met anyone at Resonate, it’s likely you’ve already heard about this project....a few times. We want you to be a part of it, so here’s an invitation behind all the hype. At Elevate San Diego you will build a foundation for Christian living by learning how to abide with Jesus, connect with the people of San Diego and point them toward Christ in your everyday life. Spend your summer learning how to live in Gospel community and integrate your faith into every part of your life, including your job. Thats right, we said job. IN SAN DIEGO! We’re serious about teaching you how to live the most full life possible. Take a risk and be part of 10 weeks that will challenge every part of who you are.

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Project summer

Are you staying in your city this summer for work or school? Be part of a leadership team focused on leveraging your unique gifts to serve the city you live in. All, while inviting the people you meet in the classroom or workplace into the most fun summer adventure they’ve never experienced. Weekly BBQ’s, hikes, national parks, rafting, cliff jumping. No more sad, slow summers. We want to equip you to be a missionary to your friends along the way, and will offer a night class once a week to give you the tools you need to be a lifelong disciple, in and out of the workplace.

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Elevate 21

Have you been to Elevate San Diego, Project Summer or Elevate International? Spend your summer in a city and on a campus where Resonate is planting in 2018. Here, you can explore what it would look like to be part of a church planting team by working in the city or being a missionary on campus, while taking a theology class. You will be challenged to learn and apply what it means to disciple others and live a life that is sent toward the people around you. The adventure is calling! Our projects are located in proximity to some of the Northwest’s most amazing mountain ranges. Spend your weekends taking your new friends into the great outdoors and build relationships that are pointed towards eternity.

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elevate international

Elevate International is an 8 week project serving in a University city alongside Resonate Church Planters with the intention of proclaiming the gospel to college students who have never heard. During this project, you will be brought out of your comfort zone, attend class to learn the local language, live in the dorms, and build relationships with your peers as you share the good news cross-culturally. As you experience what life as a short-term missionary is like, you will also walk through theological content and teach from scripture to better equip you to live out an apostolic faith in the world. You will learn to depend on God in ways you never have, be challenged in new ways, and walk in a new evangelical confidence because of your summer at Elevate International.


Applications OPEN NOVEMBER 10TH!

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